She studied computer science so she did not have any friends; his companions were his bridesmaids

Can you imagine what would happen if you are about to marry, but you do not have any friend who is your maid of honor? The solution is to invite your best male friends, after all, they are sometimes better. That's exactly what Rebecca Abrantes, a 24-year-old girl from Brazil, did, and we have to admit, it was a great idea.

A week before her wedding, Rebecca had her photo shoot as a bride, however she did not have any friends to accompany her and after thinking about it a little, she decided to invite her best friends to the session.

Rebecca studies computer engineering and is one of four women who are part of a group of 60 students, so it's no wonder that most of her friends are men. The Brazilian bride shared the photos of her session in Facebook and immediately the whole Internet fell in love with these ingenious and funny images.

1. A bride always deserves to have a good bridal party

During an interview Rebecca spoke about the decision that led her to invite her friends.

I was looking for ideas from making off for the photos of the bride with her friends, they all appeared laughing, drinking champagne and wearing pink dressing gowns and I felt a little sad because I would never have something like that. But then I thought of my friends and they agreed to help me.

2. That the spa

Sure, the bride and we give them of honor have to be quite relaxed before the big day.

3. Goodbye to the beards!

To wear the suit, they have to say goodbye to the beard or at least, apply a treatment.

4. I call this good friends!

True friends are willing to do anything to see their friend happy, even if that includes shaving their legs.

5. Shade here, shade there and make up

Maybe they have no idea what makeup tips can be given to Rebecca, but there's one that they can teach her: to have fun and enjoy the moment.

6. How do you like this dress?

Oops! Maybe Rebecca forgot that they will wear a suit on their wedding day

7. Champagne days are behind us

The session was very funny. Everyone was taking drinks of cheap alcohol and sometimes we laughed so much that we had to take a break to recover and continue with the photos.

8. What would be a great day without friends?

It would be boring, stressful and definitely would not make sense.

9. Honey, the dress is beautiful!

If your friends approve the dress and admire it, then it is the right one.

10. We all love the groom!

The best thing about having male friends is that they can protect you from any danger, but above all they will know when a man really loves you.

11. This is how true friendship looks!

In the end Rebecca's dream came true, her photo session had alcohol, fun, pink robes and especially, her best friends.

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