She pretended to be blind for 28 years to avoid contact with other people


For some people, socializing is a really difficult task, but they are supposed to do it to achieve interaction with others and to know more about their environment. However Carmen Jiménez decided that she would not talk to anyone, unless she wanted to.

Jiménez, who lives in Madrid, Spain, has spent the last 28 years with such a sudden illness that not even her family saw her coming, a serious eye injury that left her blind. But a few months ago, Carmen revealed that she was faking her blindness to avoid having contact with other people.

She is Carmen Jiménez

Jiménez is 57 and lives in Spain, a place with more than 3 million people. If you live in a place like this, you probably have to interact with many people, talk with employees, help confused tourists and even participate in surveys to find out what your favorite hobbies and activities are. One day, Carmen decided she was sick of all that. During an interview for the site Viraltheread, he confessed why he did it.

I was tired of meeting people on the street and stop to say hello, I have never been a very sociable person and pretending to be blind I was able to avoid many social responsibilities.

For 28 years he kept a great secret hidden

She pretended to be blind to avoid contact with people. Although her family and friends suspected for some years that she really did see, they managed to confirm it until she confessed. Her husband revealed how the family felt:

It was a very hard blow for the whole family because we have always been supporting it. Many times we seemed to see her watching the television sideways and she was always very well made up.

Now he has many explanations to give

After 28 years of avoiding people pretending blindness, Carmen has a lot to explain and not just to her friends and family. Because he invented this disease, he received financial help and personal assistance from different organizations so that he could cope with his disability. Now, she will have to face the courts, and even though she is an expert in pretending she is blind, justice really is not.

Antisocial Woman Pretends to Be Blind for 28 Years So She Wouldn’t Have to Greet People (January 2021)