She just wanted beautiful eyebrows; the result was frightening


My grandmother always said that to be beautiful you have to see stars, and of course we see them when we put on makeup, we fix our nails, we undergo an intense hair removal session and obviously when we dye our hair.

Apparently, dyeing our hair can be the most dangerous option of all due to the chemicals that contain the dyes we apply. This girl did not know the danger she was facing; After applying a tint for eyebrows, everything seemed normal but hours later he suffered an allergic reaction so strong that he almost lost his sight completely.

You always have to read the instructions

Tylah Durie is a 16 year old girl who was about to lose her sight due to an allergic reaction caused by a dye to tint the eyebrows. At the beginning, the beauty student felt an itch in her eyebrows; A few hours later her eyes began to swell until she practically lost her vision. In an interview for the site Daily MailHe said how it was that he felt:

When I applied the mixture everything seemed to go well. I waited ten minutes and then washed my face, I was very happy with the result. But because I did not do the patch test, after 30 minutes, the skin around my eyes got very red and I felt a lot of burning.

He suffered a severe allergic reaction

Tylah was unaware of her strong allergy to one of the chemicals in the dye called paraphenyledianine (PPD). But he could not know because he did not complete the test indicated in the instructions for all the hair dyes, which suggests applying a little product on a specific section of the body to notice if there is an allergic reaction, and if so, you must discard the use of the product.

Nobody really does the patch test on my family, so I thought it would be fine; I had not suffered any reaction in my hair in the past, but those dyes did not have PPD.

The student suffered from burns on her face

I was hospitalized and I was terrified, the doctors told me that I had a very unusual and serious allergic reaction, they even mentioned that I could have gone blind.

She just wanted her eyebrows to be darker

Now you want to warn others about the risks of applying any kind of product that contains chemicals on the face.

An optometrist told me how lucky I was not to be blind. Now I have to go see it regularly to monitor the effects of the damage.

He swore never to use this type of product again

I take many medications to cure this and I would never wish for this pain to be suffered by anyone, so please always do a reaction test. I was very scared by what happened. Once you have a reaction to PPD, it can get worse if you use it again.