She is 21 years old, has already traveled around the world and owns a Guinness record


Lexie Alford is 21 years old and has just become the youngest person to travel the 196 countries of the planet, with which she obtained the Guinness Record.

Alford shared part of his journey through Instagram. In recent publications he said he had been waiting for his visa for months to visit the Blue House, located in the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea. When he managed to gather the necessary paperwork, it was enough one step within the North Korean territory to wrest the title of the youngest traveler in the world to James Asquith.

However, for the title to be granted officially, you will have to present in chronological order the almost 10,000 evidences of your trips.

In an interview for the magazine ForbesAlford explained that her dream to travel around the world began when she was a child. At 18 he had already visited 72 countries and later discovered that this was the lifestyle he wanted for his future:

The first time I thought about breaking the Guinness Record was in October 2016. I graduated from high school two years earlier and got an associate's degree from a local university. I was ready to start my sabbatical year when I gave up the idea of ​​going back to school and started traveling until I achieved my goal.

Even though his parents have a travel agency, Alford saved from 12 years of age; In addition, he collaborated with some brands.

Although he has reached his goal, he does not intend to stop traveling, on the contrary: he wants to be an inspiration for others to strive to achieve their dreams regardless of their age, economic position or current lifestyle.

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