She has the perfect body according to science. Find out why!


The professor of the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology of the University of Glasgow, Ben Jones, who is in charge of the Facial Research Laboratory where they focus, among other things, on the perception we have in front of different faces, has revealed who is considered the woman with the perfect body. The winner is Kelly Brook, model, swimsuit designer and English hostess (Britains Got Talent) of 35 years, 1.68 m in height and measures 99-63-99.

Since 2007 British scientists had declared that Brook was the perfect woman. Later, in 2009, researchers from the University of Texas explained that she has the perfect waist-hip ratio (0.70588253), which makes her visually very attractive. The proof shows that the aforementioned proportion is the secret of attraction: the lower, closer to perfection. Anyone who is close to 0.7 will have the most desirable body.

However, his face (lips, nose) and his hair were also taken into account to give him the title of physical perfection. Everything indicates that the extremely thin bodies are not the chosen ones, and that the curvilinear ones are leaving aside all the modern stereotypes about the perfection in a woman.

It is good to know that this model of perfection does not seem so unattainable, and it coincides more with the ideal of beauty that artists have expressed in their paintings for centuries. It was not easy for Kelly Brook to work in the modeling and television industry looking more plump than her classmates, but today she can take pride in being considered the scientifically perfect woman.

Scientist Proved That She Has The Perfect Body In The World (January 2021)