She dresses as a bride and interrupts her ex's wedding by imploring forgiveness

If you were the lucky girls who had cable in your house, you surely heard the phrase: it happens in life, it happens in TNT, and you thought that it was not true, that the crazy things that happen in the movies were pure fantasy. Well, this ex-girlfriend came to prove otherwise.

Imagine this: you are at your wedding, happy with the love of your life and seeing yourself beautiful in your white dress. Suddenly, someone else shows up in a wedding dress and takes to the extreme the warning to speak now or to be silent forever. Oh, and that person is the ex-girlfriend of your fiancé! Contrary to what you might think, this is not the scene of a movie, it happened in China!

They ended because they were incompatible

The woman, dressed in white, interrupted her ex-wife's wedding to beg him to come back with her, it's my fault! she said as she took him by the hand and the astonished fiancee watched the scene.

According to close sources, the couple had ended their relationship because their personalities were so different that it was impossible to get along.

This is exactly why you can not be friends with your ex

The man made an effort to calm the situation and comfort his wife, but she let go of his hand and, without saying a word, left. For the consolation of many, her immediate reaction was to go after her and ignore the ex-girlfriend who was crying on the floor.

Users of the Weibo platform showed their dissatisfaction with the scene: do not ruin a relationship to satisfy your own obsession, this is exactly why you can not be friends with your ex, this is more than inappropriate. From the point of view of the bride, surely it is impossible to continue with the wedding.

Look at the uncomfortable moment

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