She does not know how to draw but people pay to get tattooed with her


To exercise a trade or profession it is essential to have knowledge about what is being done and to be, at least, moderately good. That is why it is almost impossible to think, for example, of a chef who does not have a good flavor or a tattoo artist who does not know how to draw. It would be very crazy, right? Not so much!

In Brazil, one of the most recognized tattooists is Helen Ferdandes whose skills for illustration are non-existent, but although her designs seem to have been drawn by a kindergartner, she has an impressive success not only as a tattooist but as a clothing designer.

Helen is 28 years old, has 64 thousand followers on Instagram and hundreds of clients who wait their turn to mark their skin with ugly but tender children's drawings. How brave!

1. I think I've seen a cute kitten

2. It does not deceive me, it was traced

3. The beautiful colors make us forget the proportions

4. They are so ugly that they are really cute

5. Who can be angry with such happy tools?

6. A unicorn made of sugar, flowers and many colors

7. Hermiauione

8. The first dog to travel to space

9. It's like tattooing a child's artwork

10. The truth is that I keep drawing the stars like this

11. It is not a baby: it is a tender little piglet

12. An angry crab because it has tentacles instead of legs

13. All you need is love and a tattoo

14. How to forget the insistent clip of Microsoft Word?

15. Without worrying that your tattoo is badly done is how you have to live

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