She disguised herself as a woman so that her daughter would have someone to sing to her on Mother's Day


There are times when a person has to play the role of mom and dad and fill the place of the other so that the absence is not so hard. Daniel Correa, 33, from Goiania, Brazil, dressed as a woman so that his daughter Luna had someone to sing to her on Mother's Day.

Daniel lost his wife, Stella, after two years of fighting against lupus and when the festival was held for mothers in the little girl's school, she made a special request: to dress up as her mother.

Luna had not participated in the festivals since her mother died in 2016, but she wanted things to be different this year:

Each Mother's Day is sad for her, but this time she told me that they were rehearsing a song and with her eyes full of tears she asked me to be her mom for a day, to paint my pink beard and blonde hair like her mother.

Although she tried to persuade her to take her grandmother or her aunt, in the end she gave up because it was something very important for the girl.

So with the help of her sister she dyed her pink beard, put on a blonde wig and put on a flowered dress to celebrate with Luna the memory of her mother.

Mother's Day is a date to commemorate the love we feel for our mothers, to fill them with gifts and hugs, but for some it has become a day in which absences feel more than ever. Luckily there are dads like Daniel, who do everything possible to keep the memory alive and build new ones.

Death is inevitable, but we do not need to go through this sadly. When you accept it, it is when the change is given for all. I love Luna and would do this for her again.

"I Love You, Mama" (1980) Shirley Caesar (April 2021)