She died suddenly at age 12; his parents found a letter that will leave you cold


On January 5, 2014, in the city of Johnson, Tennesse, United States, Tim and Mary Ellen Smith were devastated when their 12-year-old daughter, Taylor, died of complications from pneumonia.

Taylor was a creative, curious and very intelligent girl; and one day, when his parents finally decided to collect and separate all the belongings he had left, to his surprise they not only found a couple of invaluable treasures and memories; but everything changed for them when they found a letter that Taylor wrote for Taylor of the future. The admirable and moving wisdom of this intelligent girl will leave you with a great reflection.

Read only by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023

Dear Taylor:

How is everything? Life is simply perfect at this time (10 years ago). I know I've arrived a little late for you, but where I'm writing from is still early. So: Congratulations on your high school graduation! but mostly because you never gave up and kept trying. Get your title! Are you (we) in the University? If it is not like that, I also understand it, at the end of the day you and I always have good reasons for everything.

Do not forget that today is the 11th birthday of Allana Rays! Already 11 years? In my time she has barely turned one year old, and yet I could not get to her party because I was in Cranks, Kentucky, on my first missionary trip. I only came back for 6 days.

And speaking of that, how is your relationship with God? I wonder if you have recently prayed, prayed, read the Bible or come to serve the Lord. If not, stand up and do it right now. I do not care at what point in our lives we are today, just go and do it. He was humiliated, beaten, tortured and crucified to save you. A sinless man who never harmed any person.

Have you been to more missionary trips lately? Have you been out of the country? Did you travel on a airplane? Follow Doctor Who in the air? And if not, what regeneration ended with him? You should go and see a bit of Doctor Who, but that later, for now you must finish reading your own words of wisdom. Do you have your own house now? If we are already in the University I want to know what career we are studying; Right now, I want to be a lawyer.

Have you been to the Dollywood amusement park these days? Right now, his new attraction is The Wild Eagle and it's really fun. I'm also thinking about going and selling my iPad to buy an iPad mini. Do not forget to tell your children that we are more adults than a tablet. I only use the iPad to draw, so you can set the example.

Well that's it; but remember that it's been 10 years since I wrote this. Many things have happened since then, some good, others bad. But this is how life happens, and you must learn to cope.

Sincerely, Taylor Smith.

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