She crosses the border dressed in her graduation gown to embrace her father


United States immigration laws have caused the separation of thousands of families. In spite of that, love is stronger than a wall or a border

Saraí Ruiz stopped seeing her father, Esteban Ruiz, when she was only four years old; He was deported to Mexico without the possibility of being able to return with his family or friends. Saraí was too young to understand the situation and spent three years without seeing it, until her mother bought a house in Nuevo Laredo. In this way the three could live as a family again.

Saraí continued with her studies and daily crossed the border to attend school in Texas, nothing could stop her and when she graduated she wanted to thank her parents for all their support. Dressed in the toga, she walked to the border and hugged her father.

Her parents supported her in everything

Saraí is the first person in her family to graduate from high school, which is why everyone felt proud, although only her mother was able to accompany her to the ceremony. The girl received her recognition, but someone important was missing: her father.

His desire to be with him was so much that he called to see him on the border bridge; When he arrived, he ran to hug him and kiss him, and in that moment both broke into tears:

I decided to see my father on the bridge. More than anything because he could not come to see me at my graduation, I wanted him to see me dressed in my laces, my medals and the achievements I had achieved thanks to the efforts of him and my mom. That's why when the ceremony ended, I went to the bridge so my dad could see me.

Every effort has its rewards

It was not easy for Saraí to study, especially since every day she had to cross the border:

It is difficult to get up early, as at five in the morning, I had to cross the border every day and then in the afternoon return to my house.

The moment was shared on social networks

The video posted on Facebook immediately went viral. In addition, he added a tender letter dedicated to his dad.

The story of Saraí is inspiring, but above all it is special because with this she was able to demonstrate that there are no borders that can separate a family.

Border School Keeps Families Together (April 2021)