Shakira reveals who prevented her from abandoning music forever: Gerard Piqué


In a relationship, the support of the couple is essential to grow and achieve goals. Shakira has shown many times how much she loves her partner, the footballer Gerard Piqué, who has been at his side at all times of his professional career since they began their relationship.

But now it was Piqué's turn to make her feel the love she has for him, so worried about the Colombian woman's fear of returning to show business after taking a break to take care of her children, it was he who convinced her to Do not abandon your musical career.

He had a small moment of weakness

In an interview conducted by Vanity FairThe singer confessed that she had made the decision to return to music after her second son, Sasha, was sufficiently independent, and when that moment finally arrived, doubts and insecurities began to emerge.

The scenic fear came to me. I was confused, I was tempted to retire and leave everything.

He urged her to continue

It was at that moment that Piqué had to intervene and encouraged him not to let himself be defeated.

Gerard unlocked me, he told me clearly that he would never allow me to withdraw from the music. Bluntly, he said: You will retire when you have nothing to say. Now go out and do what you know.

Your family is the most important thing

With those words, the Spaniard showed her how much he loves her and that he will not leave her alone in his moments of weakness.

Shakira began her career when she was 14, but now she knows that her priority is her family and she has focused on the best of jobs: being a full-time mother.

Music has become a hobby and that's why I can do it in a relaxed way. I never thought I'd say something like that.

She is a responsible and loving mother

Now her biggest passion is to be a mother even if it is exhausting and rewarding.

The other day I read a study that said that French women are the most relaxed mothers. So I'd like to be French, but I'm not. It's beautiful, exciting, wonderful, but exhausting at the same time.

Know what your priorities are

She is aware that her children have two famous parents and that it will not be an easy task for them to cope, their concern is that their children find their own way and learn many languages, something that will open doors and take them to know different cultures.

Currently, the beautiful Colombian is promoting her latest production El Dorado, proving that there is music and talent for a while.

A good husband

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