Sexist commercial of Audi in China: you must choose a woman as you choose a car


Audi is a well-known German automobile manufacturer and on this occasion launched an ad in China that compares a bride at the altar with a car second hand. The announcement caused controversy within the country and around the world.

After the commotion, Audi asked for forgiveness and assured that the advertising content does not reflect the values ​​of the company; He has also stated that he will foresee incidents of this type. The promotional was removed from most of the pages that presented it, but check how it was

It all starts with two boyfriends in front of the altar

His mother breaks into the wedding and walks with a firm step until he reaches the bride.


The mother-in-law takes the girlfriend aggressively and inspects her: behind the ears, teeth and other physical details.

The surprise

After approval, the woman notices something she did not notice at first sight, and

The cars

The scene is cut and the gleaming Audi appears on the road and a voice in off He says:

An important decision must be taken with care

And then the sales website where second-hand cars are offered is shown.

The banned ad

The commercial was broadcast on several websites and in some movie theaters. Users who saw it rated it as disgusting Y male chauvinist. The German company explained that the announcement was being investigated and that advertising in China was the responsibility of a local partner.

This Audi commercial in China compares women to used cars (January 2020)