Sephora launches collection of makeup inspired by Marvel and is super amazing


The secret has come to light! Sephora launched a line of makeup inspired by the franchise of Marvel, so if you are a fervent fan of all your comics and their fascinating heroes, these products must be yours to the one already! The announcement was perfect for this time because soon we will see what awaits the avengers for the tape Avengers: Endgame.

But unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer to enjoy this heroic collection, since the beauty products have only come out in the sites of China and Thailand, running out instantly, and it seems that there is no date yet for the rest of the world. But it does not matter because when the cosmetics arrive to our store Sephora close we will know what we need to fight crime

For all the avengers

It will have nine different shades, with the heroes in each makeup!

Indestructible eyes

There are 12 incredible metallic shadows, each container represents the symbol of each hero; you will stand out as Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther and Thor.

Black Panther will not resist those shines

This palette inspired by Black Panther includes four illuminators in lavender, blue, white and pink, all created to give that extra brightness that we all need.

Powerful lips

We never have a red lipstick and what better than to combine it with a lip gloss in golden tones.

To fall in love with Thor

Also our thunder god has his palette, some beautiful metallic shades in the colors pink, brown, bronze and beige.

Weapons for all occasions

Nothing could work without good brushes to try this bold line of makeup. It will have six for the face, shadows and eyebrows.

Apparently Singapore will soon be able to enjoy cosmetics. The products will arrive this March 28 according to the magazine Nylon Singapore.

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