Science finally confirms it !: Younger brothers are more fun


We knew it from always, but now science makes it official: the younger brothers are simply great. After long and heated family discussions, recent scientific studies finally back us up and conclude that younger siblings are more fun.

The study reveals that the differences that many speculate have some scientific support, and that the brothers identify with the characteristics that are described.

According to the survey published on the YouGov portal, 46 percent of respondents said that younger children are more fun, affable and relaxed. It is likely that receiving more attention from parents usually makes us feel more favored, even if we are less responsible.

On the other hand, older siblings feel a greater weight for the responsibility of occupying the first place in the family compared to the youngest, who have the opportunity to feel more secure, able to prioritize their own life and be organized.

Separate theories, whatever the place we occupy in the family, we all have similar characteristics for the simple fact of being raised by the same parents. It is true that our older brothers will always have greater authority in the family, and that the studies are a good excuse to show that someone else realizes our charming personality.

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