Say goodbye to hair loss with these simple tips


Maybe you've already noticed that there are seasons in which your hair falls more (and if not, it's good that you know). This is because it starts a new growth phase so it is more prone to fall.

This is a subject that worries us all and even scares us a little, because seeing the strands in the drain or our brush can be impressive. Do not be alarmed! It is something completely normal and you will not stay pelona. But if you are tired of your hair falling out there are certain measures you can take.

Give yourself a good massage

Stimulates the growth of the hair by massaging the scalp with the tips of the fingers in the shower for five minutes. Do not forget to use shampoo and conditioner that suits your needs so you get a better result.

Resist the urge to rub it

If when leaving the shower you are one of those who rub their hair against the towel with great force, stop, you're doing it wrong! That damages your hair because of its rough texture because it breaks the hair fiber, causing weakening. Use a microfiber towel or a T-shirt better, and do not rub! Just give gentle claps.

Rest of the heat

Although it may be the most obvious advice of all, it is also the most ignored. We know that sometimes you bring the time and the dryer takes a great weight off you by accelerating the drying time, while the iron and curling iron give you a great look. The best thing is that you get up a few minutes early to let your hair dry naturally and to style it use creams to comb.

Do not brush it so much

Brushing the hair activates the circulation of the scalp, which gives you a softer, brighter, healthier and longer hair. But, like everything in life, abuse is harmful. It is best to brush twice a day (in the morning and before going to bed), although if your hair is very prone to getting tangled you can increase the amount three to four times.

Avoid stress

If you have taken care of all the previous points and still notes that your hair falls out a lot, maybe it's time for you to know that not only the physical factors affect our hair: also the emotional and psychological ones.

Do not let your daily routine cause you worries, take relaxing teas, meditate one hour a day, do your favorite activity and try to sleep well to be in the best mental state possible.

Foods can directly influence the health of your hair

Like any other part of our body, hair needs a variety of nutrients to grow and stay healthy, so if you want to significantly reduce your fall you must incorporate the following vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Vitamin A to fight brittle hair

This is given by the low elasticity and the best ally to combat the problem is vitamin A.

The foods that contain it are milk, cheese, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, melon, apricot, mango, beef, chicken, turkey and fish.

Vitamin B to promote growth

If you spend MONTHS so that the hair grows a centimeter, you probably need hydration and consume vitamin C.

The foods that contain it are cereals, legumes, milk, eggs, fish, clams, liver and beef.

Vitamin C to eliminate split ends

If the problem is that you fight daily with split ends, vitamin C will be your great ally.

The foods that contain it are orange, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, guava, melon, mango, potato, broccoli, pepper and tomato.

Iron, magnesium and zinc to avoid falling

To minimize the amount of hair you leave in the shower and brush these three substances will strengthen it.

The foods that contain them are nuts, fish, broccoli, artichoke, spinach, grains and dairy.

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