Sarah Michelle Gellar pushes Selma Blair's wheelchair and celebrates 21 years of friendship


No matter the passage of time when a relationship of best friends is true, they will always be loyal and unconditional with each other. This was the example given to us by actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair, who celebrated their 21-year friendship on a magical day at Disneyland.

The ride was very emotional Mickey the mouse was the witness of Gellar's unconditional support to his best friend, since he did not hesitate a second to help Blair to cope with the heavy ride in a wheelchair because of his illness.

Best friends

Selma and Sarah met in the film shoot Sexual games, and although their characters were not so empathetic among them, in real life they became the best friends and it seems that they continue to get along better than ever.

One more proof of his love

A series of photographs taken at the theme park were one more example of the affection of these great friends, where Sarah helped Selma with her wheelchair, since multiple sclerosis has limited her movement.

Selma enjoyed the day to the fullest despite her condition, and was seen at the amusement games with Sarah and their children.

# 21YearsChallenge

Gellar took the opportunity to share the images of both in social networks, recreating the same image of two decades ago in the same thematic game. He called it the challenge of 21 years, demonstrating the charming and close connection that exists between them.

But it was not the only publication: Gellar raised one selfie of both, and it seems that their friendship is as strong as at the beginning.

The trip to Disneyland is the first time that Blair was seen in a wheelchair since her illness was diagnosed. It is clear with these photographs that you will always have the love of your best friend.

Sarah Michelle Gellar pushes Selma Blairs wheelchair around Disneyland as they celebrate friendship (April 2021)