Sarah Jessica Parker does it again; designs the first pair of glam tennis for the city


There are two absolute truths in life, the first is that paying taxes and death are two unavoidable things. The second: Sarah Jessica Parker is synonymous with style. Sex and the City It was one of the most emblematic series for the city girls of the first decade of the 21st century and its protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, became an icon of fashion.

Since then, the 52-year-old celebrity has stood out for his elegant taste, turning everything dream Fashion in a outfit combinable for real life. Now, the successful actress and businesswoman shares the first pair of tennis shoes designed by her for her shoe collection SJPCollection; you will not know whether to buy them to use them or store them in a showcase, which trophy fashionist.

A mix between tennis, flats Y glamor perfect for the city

Just in time for summer! It's here! It's a meteor! And his name suggests that he is out of this world. A comfortable and astute silhouette both night and day, but the best, is so bright that it will blow your head. Join the @sjpcollection collection to see our first pair of tennis in action. Kisses. Sarah Jessica Parker

Its design is as versatile as it is brilliant, and we love it!

Your new shoe collection will be available in stores like Bloomingdale, Zappos Luxury Y Saks Fifth Avenue. The price of these hunting gems glam will be around 255 dollars.

Sarah, you did it again!

The actress could not be happier with this new stage in her career as a designer and businesswoman, since in March she presented a line of handbags inspired by each day of the week.

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