Salma Hayek surprises at Cannes with incredible fantasy look; He chose pale pink hair!


One of the trends that marked the 2016 was the use of pastel tones, mainly the golden rose, that feminine mixture with a touch of elegance that enamoró more than one. And is that the rose gold It was a summer obsession, so much so that even some of our favorite celebrities dared to paint their hair in this color full of fantasy.

The Mexican actress Salma Hayek did not lose sight of the trend and for the carpet of the Festival de Cannes 2017, the 50-year-old celebrity surprised with a look of diva, boasting incredible pale pink hair and demonstrating that fantasy colors are not exclusive to teenagers.

Salma Hayek arrived radiant with her golden pink hair

Dazzled on the red carpet at Cannes and wore his hair; This not only added to the trend of pastel colors and fantasy hair, but the look Hayek was one of the most applauded of the night.

The 50-year-old actress said she was happy to be able to experiment with her image as she is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood They have kept their essence and image almost intact. However, Hayek, like every girl at some point, decided it was time to have a little more fun and turn around the dark hair that always characterized her.

EVERY girl wishes to change from time to time

Boring! I was bored with myself and my old hair, so I decided to have fun and do something with my hair that was different and special for a night just as special. Also combined with the flowers of my dress.

What Cinderella, the look of Hayek only lasted one night

The mixture of look of diva de Hollywood and mystical mermaid only lasted -which Cinderella red carpet one night, since her style was achieved thanks to a wig in pale pink. Anyway, the actress looked amazing so more than one wish that Salma reconsider the idea, pull the wig and dare to dye it.

Applause for Salma?

Do you prefer brunette or with this look of siren diva?

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