Romance Alert! This couple from Stranger Things took their relationship off the screen


There are several couples who have taken their love from the screen to real life, and that is something we all love. If you're fan of the series Stranger Things, You know the love triangle of Nancy, Steve and Jonathan. Everything seems to indicate that it has been solved, at least outside the cameras. The middle DailyMail has confirmed that Natalia Dyer (Nancy) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) are a couple in real life, both actors have been seen walking around New York with their hands entwined, an unmistakable gesture that there is a relationship.

The rumors about their relationship have been circulating for several months, since the beginning of the year, when they were seen at the airport. They have attended several events together, including the last edition of the Emmys, where Joe Keery (Steve, the third in discord) accompanied them on their walk through the red carpet. So far those involved have not wanted to talk about the issue publicly, but this relationship would make the dream of many fans.

She is Natalia Dyer

And he's Charlie Heaton

Both appear in the series Stranger Things

Playing the characters of Nancy and Jonathan

Their relationship is threatened by Steve, creating a love triangle

Off the screen Natalia and Charlie are excellent friends

They even share a dressing room

And it is the minimum that could happen

After saving each other's lives from strange beings

But this picture could change everything when you see them holding hands

Could it be that his love has crossed the screen?

It would seem so, since they have already been seen traveling together

Your photos on Instagram reaffirm

Thanks to this pair that feeds our fandom

Stranger Things In Real Life: After They Were Stars | ⭐OSSA (February 2020)