Rihanna and Lupita Nyongo will make an original Netflix movie; all thanks to a meme


The memes came to change the world and also the programming of Netflix. Precisely a meme of Rihanna with Lupita Nyongo during the parade of Miu miu at Paris Fashion Week of 2014 and the imagination of his followers have raised great rumors.

Although at that time the photograph went unnoticed, last April the image went viral after several anonymous netizens started a conversation in Twitter about a possible movie with the stars as protagonists due to the costumes of both.

It all started as a simple joke

The image got more than 30 thousand retweets in a few hours and all thanks to a simple Tweet.

Millionaire idea in 3 2 1

Apparently the imagination of the fans it came out and that this story would not have occurred to Steven Spielberg himself.

This is teamwork

What your fans never imagined is that the post it would reach the hands of the artists. After analyzing the idea and of Lupita expressing approval to make the tape, Rihanna also accepted.

Now we just have to wait

Although the entire plan seemed agreed, users of Twitter they went beyond the protagonists and labeled Ava DuVernay for the direction and Issa Rae for the script; These four girls have committed to support the project.

According Entertainment Weekly, the project was presented in the Festival of Cannes, Y Netflix is willing to pay a large sum to make it happen. The film could be released in 2018, after DuVernay finishes the film adaptation of a children's novel.

The Rihanna & Lupita Nyongo Movie Is Really Going To Happen (September 2020)