Retired teacher defeats the mining industry and saves the snow leopard


Bayarjargal Agvaantseren, 49, is a woman from Mongolia who is known for being an advocate of animals and natural habitats. In 1980 he participated as an interpreter for a wildlife scientist.

This time, thanks to his hard work, he managed to represent all those who are in favor of the salvation of the planet, starting with the species: it was decided to protect thousands of snow leopards from the interests of the mining companies.

In 2009, due to problems such as the poaching of skins and legs and the loss of habitat in southern Mongolia, the number of felines was decreasing, and for years they were victims of farmers seeking to protect their livestock. Therefore, Agvaantseren created a group of protectors in which farmers and shepherds who are dedicated to the care of mammals participate.

Thanks to his courage and perseverance he managed to make the Tost Tosonbumba nature reserve, with 729 thousand hectares, the first protected area by the federal government of Mongolia to care for and preserve the snow leopard.

At the same time, with the help of the government of her country, the ex-teacher obtained the cancellation of more than 37 mining licenses in the protection area; Future projects that could cause permanent damage to the area were also prohibited.

Finally, Bayarjargal received the environmental prize The Goldman Enviroment Prize for Asia 2019, in appreciation.

We humans are not the only living beings on the planet and we must coexist with other species, such as the snow leopard, if we want ourselves to survive.

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