Renewable marriages, the option that promises to end divorces

In the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, the Renewable Marriage Law proposed by the deputy Natzielly Rodríguez Calzada was approved, which consists of the civil union contract in coexistence; in other words: temporary marriage.

Those who decide to take this option as an alternative may enter into a contract of at least two years and a maximum of five years, said the deputy. Participants have the opportunity to endorse the contract or terminate it; if so, it will be taken as an act of divorce.

This option is not intended to replace marriage as such, it is rather to give people the ease of choice, he said. It is a union that has temporality, that you do not go and tie yourself blindly, but to know well your partner or your friend with whom you want to live, explained Rodriguez.

It's basically a work contract, free of workloads for divorce proceedings. It allows the couple to know if they want to continue or prefer to finish fulfilling the established time. So they opt for the update of the act or they consider it finished.

This agreement has terms and conditions such as the exact amounts that each spouse will contribute to the household and / or the time a pension would be paid to the children in case of separation. Since 2008 with the Express Divorce, 60,000 divorces have been resolved, only in four weeks of paperwork, in Mexico City. According to the authorities, half of the marriages in Mexico end in divorce.

This would lead to healthier and more peaceful relations and give way to stability in families. Also, according to the deputy, this will decrease the divorce rate and spend less monetary resources in them.

Contrary to the proposal, it is argued that the idea is not viable since the children that are involved have not been thought of, and not in all marriages. However, what happens with those who do witness these events, will grow with the uncertainty that every two years their parents can separate.

The National Union of Parents is opposed, since it is leaving aside the traditional sense of getting married forever. This type of initiative creates a disposable culture on issues that are so important for society. If parents have differences, they must first look for other solutions. The radical change that this law offers also includes people of the same sex.

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