Remember Waldo from The Little Rascals? He has grown and is more handsome than you imagine


A lot of the girls of the 90s remember the movie The Little Rascals, where Alfalfa was the typical boy in love with the beautiful girl of the neighborhood, Darla. He was able to do anything to be by his side, even to detach himself from his club of friends.

If your memory has already cooled a bit, you will also remember the most terrible villain of your childhood: the small and wealthy Waldo, who plays dirty against Alfalfa to steal the love of sweet Darla. However, the two of them were destined to stay together; at least in the film, because over time these guys have changed too much and our villain's gallantry is impacting the entire Internet.

Remember Waldo?

His hair was perfect, his wardrobe impeccable, his voice adorable and he knew perfectly how to win a girl. Too bad none of that worked.

Now it looks completely different

Blake Mclver Ewing is the actor who played the fearsome Waldo. He is originally from Los Angeles, California, and is currently 32 years old.

Their sensuality and charisma take over social networks

In recent dates he has mastered Instagram with his burning photos to show how well matured he was.

No one remembers the villain who was

This boy has become so handsome that there is no way to describe his change without having a scattered thought.

Now he is a great artist

Blake has gone his way into the world of fame, participating in Blake Sings Barbra, a concert tribute to the singer Barbra Streisand.

We can all enjoy it

The first thing I did professionally was to win the contest of Vocal Champion Jr. 92. Participate in the movies Full House Y The Little Rascals like actor. My parents are also very qualified actors, so I was lucky to have great teachers at home. At age 19, I started writing songs and today I am here.

Fortunately, his career is paying off and we will be able to see him on the television program The Peoples Couch, something that we will all appreciate.

The Little Rascals Save the Day (January 2021)