Recreates illustrations of herself inspired 18 different styles; the result will make you want your own caricature


A year ago, Sam Skinner decided to take his drawing skills to the next level. To achieve this he made his self-portrait in different styles of animated characters, and the results speak for themselves. Sam stated that the most difficult part was making the selection to include them in the series.

The most complicated images to achieve were those of Tim Burton and Gorillaz. But there is no doubt that his technique improved a lot.

1. Sam wanted to improve his drawing skills

2. To achieve this he joined the group of the Powerpuff Girls

3. Requested the help of the Disney princesses

4. He went through the world of Adventure Time

5. He received advice from Marge Simpson

6. Created a secret formula in Dexter's lab

7. He dived at the bottom of the sea with SpongeBob

8. Traveled to another universe with Phil, Bender and Leela

9. He even attended the same school as Arnold

10. Phineas and Ferb also helped her perfect her strokes

11. He joined the royalty of the monsters

12. He used Rick and Morty's lab

13. He had fun with the Boys of the Neighborhood

14. Solved mysteries with Shaggy and Scooby

15. He ate at Bobs Burgers

16. She was Mabel's friend in the mystery cabin

17. He learned some bad words when he arrived in South Park

18. He went on tour with Gorillaz

19. And yes, he got his first movie with Tim Burton

Art Style Challenge- Drawing myself in 6 different cartoon styles! (September 2020)