Puppy was going to be sacrificed and she rescued him; now he got a tattoo in his honor


Saving a dog is not a matter of fashion, it is about giving a home to a vulnerable being, giving him the necessary care so that he lives happy and in return you will have his eternal gratitude and his infinite love. Vanessa Marie Rose has shown that giving a puppy a chance is the best decision she has made in her life.

The girl rescued her best friend from a shelter, whom she called Toby, when both were needed most. Since that day they have lived countless adventures and to celebrate their beautiful meeting, Vanessa decided that she would do something to always carry it in her heart.

She is Vanessa Marie Rose and her best friend Toby

Rose rescued Toby from a shelter in Ohio before he was slaughtered. He had spent more than six years trapped in a cage, so his growth was considerably delayed. The confinement also caused him back problems and, due to the mistreatment he suffered before reaching the shelter, he also showed signs of anxiety.

It was love at first sight

He found Toby on a page called Snooki Society when looking for a companion dog to treat their mental health problems. During an interview, Vanessa said the reason she had rescued him.

He rescued me more than I freed him. Honestly I do not know what I would have done without him.

To celebrate their union, Vanessa got a very significant tattoo

The old owner of Toby mistreated him too much, to the degree of making a mark on his ear to recognize him.

This poor boy was abused and then marked. I had to do something in solidarity with my little friend, so I tattooed the number he had on his ear. You will be my little friend forever, no matter what happens.

He shared the tattoo picture and the world went crazy

He received many expressions of support from the community of animal rescuers.

And Toby recovers little by little

Her anxiety is improving thanks to the care that Vanessa gives her. He even takes him to work and has already been appointed as director of the hugs.

Someone had to give him the opportunity

Now Toby is a dog that is always smiling and wagging his tail. Vanessa gave her the opportunity for a second life, and he has made her extremely happy.

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