Proven: using makeup helps you have more appointments in Tinder


If you are a single girl looking for experiences and maybe, find the love of your life, you have surely opened an account in Tinder, hoping to get many likes and so choose the one you like the most. So, you may be interested to know what type of girl is more attractive to men.

According to app, women who use a more intense makeup have a 55 percent chance of getting an appointment and those who appear with a lighter makeup, only have 26.

Natural vs. Intense

So if you are fan of the lipstick, this can favor you enough to attract the attention of the boys, since the makeup helps your face to have more facial symmetry and a uniform skin tone, which are physical signs of a good genetics.

To check, the magazine Cosmopolitan He conducted an experiment with women of different races, ethnicities and body types. In this investigation, they asked ten girls who for fifteen days had a profile picture where they appeared without a drop of makeup and fifteen days with a look more daring

A fun experiment

The results are very interesting: the girls reported that while they did not wear makeup, they had a low level of flirting; however, they were more significant and deeper, some even claimed to have found the love of their lives.

The boys were more interested in their lives, tastes and hobbiesIn addition, they felt more comfortable, they wrote more tender messages and the conversation flowed naturally and relaxed. Although no man told them they were sexy or hot.

The second part was slightly different

For the second phase of the experiment, where they had to put an image that showed them with a make up more intense, they reported a greater number of matchsHowever, the appointments were completely different, since the boys looked for more sexual contact.

The boys want to meet you as soon as possible, probably just to kiss you and play for a while - Mimi, 30, one of the participants.

You choose

So, the bottom line is that: yes, using makeup in your profile picture will attract a greater number of likes and appointments, but if you appear with your face natural, you will probably attract a more meaningful relationship with a greater future.

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