Proven: eating spicy can lengthen life


The best moments of life are enjoyed if they have a spicy touch. At least some research has shown this. And is that if the spicy is not among your favorite flavors, you have to start valuing the possibility of giving it an opportunity because, in addition to being tasty, is associated with better health.

For some time, research at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont has found that the properties of spicy foods could make life last longer.

Red chili peppers are responsible for longevity

Although it sounds crazy, having itchy tongue and irritation in the eyes is good for your health. The study states that the consumption of red chile can delay mortality up to 13 percent.

The experiment was carried out among a group of 10 thousand people during 23 long years; After that time and having collected enough evidence, it was found that those who had the habit of eating spicy food reduced the chances of suffering high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

There are properties in Chile that help prevent other diseases

The capsaicin, present in peppers and other spicy, is used in various treatments to prevent arthritis and pain because it contains vitamin C and other nutrients.

What benefits are there in adding a delicious sauce to meals?

The spicy offers general protection to the body, because when consumed it reduces the chances of suffering from cancer, heart disease and diabetes; In addition, it adds a unique flavor and even a bit of adrenaline when consumed. You know there's no better feeling than making your favorite foods richer with that acid touch.

1. Remember, your heart will become stronger

The cardiovascular system is sensitive to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of capsaicin. Its consumption reduces cholesterol levels and provides protection against oxidation, which also puts the health of the heart at risk. In addition, high blood pressure decreases considerably, since consuming it causes the walls of blood vessels to dilate and contributes to their flexibility.

2. You can control your weight better!

Capsaicin keeps your hunger under control. Believe it or not, some doctors recommend consuming spicy in low-calorie diets to reduce weight. Also because it has a beneficial effect on the composition of the intestinal microbiota, that is, the bugs die thanks to the spicy! They are also the cause of overweight and obesity, among other alterations.

3. Your digestion will improve, very much

The study also showed that the spicy, consumed in reasonable doses, does not cause irritation in the stomach or the rest of the digestive system, which can cause the appearance of ulcers. On the contrary, spicy favors the proper functioning of the entire digestive system. We have already mentioned capsaicin, but it seems to be miraculous because it stimulates the production of gastric juices that facilitate the absorption of nutrients and promotes a good state of the intestinal mucosa.

How to eat it properly

There is no exact formula to consume spicy. You can add it to any of your favorite foods, the limit does not exist but we have a wise advice to give you: if you want to get old, the Huichol salsita is your best option.

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