Protest against sexual harassment at graduation; their teachers try to silence them


They were threatened to give up their protest, but they knew it was the last chance to raise their voices.

To make visible the problem of sexual harassment at the university level, students of the Tec de Monterrey, in Mexico, took the stage to receive their professional title with posters that read the phrase You are not alone.

His graduation became a cry for help

On Friday, May 25, in Monterrey the graduation of Claudia Angélica Maldonado, from Political Sciences, took place; Nicole Velázquez, Journalism; Paulina Garrido, International Relations, and Anabel Molina, Law graduate.

Before beginning the ceremony, the four students agreed to carry cards on their backs with protest messages against sexual harassment.

In minute 42, the teachers censored the graduates

Graduation of EN, ECSG, EHE and EMCS 2/2

ð ??? Live transmission of the Graduation Ceremony of EN, ECSG, EHE and EMCS 2/2

Posted by TECNOLÃ? GICO DE MONTERREY, Campus Monterrey on Friday, May 25, 2018

The official broadcast of the event was interrupted in the 42nd minute, just as Angelica went onstage for her diploma; They erased his name and, instead, showed images of the public. The school authorities had tried to convince her and her friend not to protest.

There was an invitation to all not to do so. We were invited to reflect on the implications of doing this in such an important ceremony where there are authorities and parents, but that was the point: stop pretending that everything was fine and that we graduated, when we witnessed that this is full of aggressors.


The reprisals for raising their voices did not wait

The four girls considered that not to have appeared in the official video was the reprisal of the school for having protested.

Support among women is increasing

The placards also read the hashtag #AcosoEnLaU, which is an interuniversity movement of students, in which cases of sexual harassment have been reported in universities.

The fight is just beginning

In response to the protest during the graduation, the institution tweeted a statement in which he said he listens to the victims of harassment and implements the antiacoso protocol that was created after the complaint of several students, recognizing that this problem exists in their classrooms and that in one way or another it must be eradicated.

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