Prepare incredible desserts inspired by famous sagas; those of Harry Potter are awesome


Chef Ben Churchill is known as a food illusionist and is an expert in creating desserts. Originally from Herfordshire, United Kingdom, he is 30 years old, loves baking and in just two years of practice has created beautiful cakes inspired by movies and television series.

Not only that, also some of his creations look like pizza, breakfasts, hot dogs and other salty foods. The illusion is that they appear to be one thing but in the end everything is sweet chocolate, lemon cake and marzipan. Here we show you his most impressive creations.

The iron throne of game of Thrones

It is made of fluffy chocolate dough, with an interior of strawberry sauce, the swords are made of chocolate with silver sugar to give it the final effect.

The process of creating the Chocolate Throne

Ben explains how he is inspired to create these wonderful desserts:

It can happen anywhere, only an idea comes to my head or I'm playing a video game and I think that would be great in a dessert.

Dragonstone Throne of game of Thrones

The throne of the Targaryen dynasty made of biscuit dough, with white chocolate, cocoa and sugar, stuffed with blackberry sauce.

The snitch golden Harry Potter

Made of banana and gingerbread, it was created especially for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter.

cheesecake in the form of cheese

The term illusionist of food comes from the dishes that I have created, deceive those who eat and observe it.

Dessert in the form of pasta and meatballs

Made with chocolate for the meatballs, watermelon jam with pieces of strawberry for the sauce and the pasta is dough with vanilla.

Scrambled egg

The egg is made of milk cream, sugar and grenetina, the yolk is mango, the bread is coconut with lemon.

Hot dog

The sausage is made of chocolate and pieces of biscuit, covered with another layer of chocolate. The onion is marinated apple, the bun is crispy and sweet, the dressings are fruit sauces.

Pizza pie

Did he cheat you too? His creations are really impressive! If you want to continue your work, you can enter your Instagram account.

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