Post deep phrases on Facebook reveals that you could have a low IQ


If you have an account in Instagram or Facebook and you are a fan of publishing deep sentences by writers, thinkers or poets, then we have you very bad news. According to research conducted by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, people who like to publish this type of images on their networks are less intelligent.

The results of the study done by Gordon Pennycook and his team are based on the work they did with 845 volunteers, who developed an intelligence test and then were given motivational phrases; they were then asked to rate the words on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being considered trash and 5 touching.

The results concluded that those who gave the most answers with the number 5 were also those with the lowest IQ; In addition, they also believed in ghosts, life after death, conspiracies, paranormal, religious issues, and are more likely to support complementary and alternative medicine.

It is considered that the most receptive people are less reflective, have lower results in terms of cognitive ability (arithmetic, linguistic and fluid intelligence) and are prone to ontological confusions.

The title of the study is quite direct: In the reception and detection of pseudo-profound information, and what it tries to do is to demonstrate the relationship between the impact of this type of pseudo-philosophical sentences and the capacities of people. The study published by the portal Daily Mail He found that some people are more receptive to these kinds of phrases, since they are impressed by the affirmative way in which they are written.

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