Photoshopean to models of extra size to inspire them to lose weight


Internet is a small universe where different opinions, beliefs and standards converge as beauty is concerned, but it is precisely these differences that end up offending or hurting some people as in the case of Project Harpoon, a movement in social networks that consists in editing the body of the models and celebrities carving plus, to turn them into thin girls.

Users have not stopped sending their photographs sharing the before and after the famous ones. Nick Baskin, leader of this project, assures that he does not intend to offend anyone with this initiative, on the contrary he seeks to motivate the celebrities and their followers to have a healthier life.

Photoshop it has become a synonym of beautify

The movement Project Harpoon, He has wanted to take advantage of this. They are a site affiliate ThInnerBeauty and part of Reddit.

As long as it is done with prior consent

In ThInnerBeauty They show visible and achievable health goals. But they are changing the bodies of women carving plus without your consent.

Something that has forgotten the movement Project Harpoon

They say they're just trying to see what those girls would look like if they committed to an exercise regimen.

They have won criticism and hatred

Unfortunately, his technique for health care has offended more than one on the Internet.

Of women and men around the world

Well there are people are carving plus due to health problems (thyroid).

They have retouched models and celebrities of sizes plus

There are also celebrities who have been victims of all their lives bullying due to his overweight.

To make them look thinner

Fortunately for many and unfortunately for them, the official accounts where this movement is made were demanded by thousands of users.

Alleging that they are just looking inspire to the girls to lose weight

Instagram released an official statement informing that the account had been terminated for violating the terms of its anti-dumping policybullying.

Something that surely they have already ignored

In Facebook Nothing has been said about it, however, the celebrities concerned have let the comments go by long.

Well, they know that true beauty is in the attitude

At the end of the day it does not matter what shoes or outfit you used, if they were small size or plus, the important thing is your attitude towards life and the love you have for yourself.

Modelos y el peso (September 2020)