Photographer defies AMERICAN BEAUTY standards to show that it is diverse


San Francisco photographer Carey Fruth created a series of photos that show women of different bodies reclining on beds of violet flower petals. Fruth was inspired by the famous movie scene American Beauty, 1999, in which Kevin Spacey fantasizes about his daughter's best friend.

The photographer shows that beauty is much more than the image created by a fantasy. He gathered 14 women with different body shapes, sizes and colors of skin or hair, and photographed them in the same way that Mena Suvari was made in the film. The results were beautiful.

No one should feel that their body is somehow wrong and undesirable

There are still many people who are not happy with themselves and many times I think they project their anger towards people who really like themselves

It's easy to say hurtful things when you're not face-to-face with someone. The point is that none of us knows the stories of others

The hope of Fruth is that over time the media change and it is not uncommon to see women of different ages, sizes or races on the covers of magazines, on television or in advertisements.

Only then will the battle be over

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