Photographer captures the harsh cancer process of his wife until the day of his death You will be moved!

Angelo Meredino and his girlfriend Jennifer decided to get married without knowing that 5 months later they would receive a news that would change their lives: she was found to have breast cancer. The day they received the news, with their hands clasped, they said: We are together, so we will be fine.

Angelo decided to take pictures of Jennifer during the process of the disease, a battle that lasted almost 4 years. First he showed them only to his relatives, but later he made them public through the page looking to create awareness about cancer. For her part, Jennifer wrote a blog until November 2011, one month before her death.

These images are a look of love that registers the multiple facets of Jen's life sick and show the human face of cancer.

Love every bit of the people in your life Jennifer Merendino

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