Photographer captures the DRAMATIC weight loss of her friend with CREATIVE before and after photos


Beth is a woman who suffered from overweight problems, so she decided to undergo surgery bypass gastric. But his plan was not only that, so he went with his friend the photographer and illustrator Blake Morrow and suggested that together they capture the before and after his body. Motivated by the idea, they decided to make a big project, taking different spheres of pop culture as scenarios.

Thus was born The Beth Project, an exhibition of photos inspired by the common interests of Beth and Blake. The project was two years in development and shows the loss of 68 kilos of weight of Beth. Despite having used photoshop to achieve the scenarios, Morrow did not alter the body of the protagonist in any way:

I was determined to use it in a way that would encourage and motivate people and remain true to the heart of my subject. Some of the images are dramatic and theatrical, while others have a photorealistic crudeness, but they are all Beth being herself, even when she represents the characters.

1. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

2. Diva

3. Laurel and Hardy (The fat and the skinny)

4. Orange is the new black: prison scene

5. Professional boxer with poster

6. On the beach

7. Beth in space

8. I have left!

9. The rebel novice

A Photographer Captured A Woman’s Dramatic Weight Loss With Creative Before-And-After Portraits (January 2021)