Peter Kavinksy cheated on us: he did not expect Lara Jean in the jacuzzi!


To all of us who became fans of love between Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean, the following news broke all illusion of everything in this relationship almost came out perfect.

Alert spoiler: if so far you have not seen To all the boys I fell in love with, it's time for you to leave this publication because the following will be a series of data that can ruin the movie. Better run to see her.

Are you still here? Well, the premise of the story begins when Kavinsky goes to Lara Jean in order to make her ex-girlfriend, Genevieve, jealous. They create a contract to fake a relationship but, oh surprise!, those who end up in love are them.

In one of the most important scenes of the film and, let's be honest, exciting, Peter and LJ are in the jacuzzi of the hotel where they, along with their school group, stay on a vacation trip.

He was not waiting for me

In the sequel to To all the boys I fell in love with, a painful truth is revealed when Kavinsky confesses to Lara that at that moment it was not her he waited in the tub, it was his ex-girlfriend!

We discover this thanks to the following text in the second book of the story written by Jenny Han:

Why was Genevieve out that night on the ski trip? All her friends were in the shelter.

-Does matters? says Peter.

I think about that night in the forest. How surprised he seemed to see me. Startled even. He was not waiting for me. I was waiting for her. And he keeps doing it, thinks Lara Jean.

"If I had not come to apologize that night, would I have kissed her?" Asks LJ.

-I do not know.

Those three words do not confirm everything. They leave me breathing.

Peter, how could you?

The sequel was confirmed by Netflix, so very soon we can see this conversation, with everything and reaction, between Kavinsky and LJ.

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