People of short stature are more aggressive when driving: study


Driving a car can become a nightmare when it's rush hour: traffic is at its peak and the horn starts to sound; It can happen that, suddenly, it is circulating calmly and someone decides to cross the lane without turning on the directionals, which can cause a fright to more than one, in addition to bad words.

A study by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, USA UU. Reflects that there is a particular physical characteristic that makes certain people are more aggressive when going behind the wheel: height.

This theory was verified after 600 men between 18 and 50 years of age were questioned regarding their perception of the masculine gender. Those of short stature had a lower self-esteem and greater aggressiveness due to their insecurity.

As the shorties (as) feel inferior to the rest because of their size, their armor turns into aggressiveness so as not to show weakness and although when it is handled it is not perceived how high the person is, it is something that is already carried as if it were An amulet.

This work is also supported by the University of Oxford in a research conducted in 2004, which emphasizes that people of reduced height are often more vulnerable and have high levels of paranoia, something that is also known as man syndrome. small, baptized this way in reference to the French emperor Napoleón Bonaparte, of who affirms that it looked for the power to fill therefore the complex that it had to be short.

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