Pennywise returns in the first trailer of It: Chapter 2 and we all tremble with fear


Pennywise came back to make us float with the first trailer of It: Chapter 2, the film by director Andy Muschietti.

This spooky but expected tape will arrive in movie theaters in September of this year, to complete the adaptation of Item, the iconic novel by Stephen King, master and master of terror.

The story continues 27 years after the first installment, when a series of strange events in Derry forces the return and reunion of the Losers Club, now turned into adults, to settle the promise to defeat the fearsome and sadistic Pennywise. The clown, still weak and enraged after the failure of his last appearance, will use all his power to kill them.

Although much of the film takes place in the present, there will be some flashback that will allow us to know what happened with the Losers Club after their first confrontation.

The first advance shows that this second installment will be more dark and terrifying, as in the novel that describes supernatural nightmares, chilling landscapes and terrain more hostile to those faced by the Losers Club when they were children. The movie will arrive in cinemas next September 6.

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