Paris Hilton becomes a super-powerful girl in the Christian Cowan collection


The Powerpuff Girls They were one of the favorite cartoons of thousands of girls, we even dream of seeing them one more time and enjoying how, with their incredible powers, they defeated all the villains of Saltadilla. Inspired by them, Christian Cowan invited Paris Hilton to transform it into a replica of one of the most tender and adorable characters: Bubble.

With her high ponytails, a bright dress and the security that always characterizes her, the model paraded throughout the catwalk proud to show the new collection of the designer. This is how it culminated what is, possibly, Cartoon Network's biggest fashion collaboration with one of the most recognized designers.

A set of old and new characters

The show opened with a trio of models who walked the track wearing bright suits that corresponded to the colors that the girls wore during their caricature: blue for Bubble, pink for Bombón and green for Acorn. Christian Cowan commented that his show is inspired by them, but in a different way:

We have some costumes that translate, literally, into what the girls would wear, but we also introduce new characters.

The Powerpuff Girls they are not damsels in distress

Engaged in International Women's Day, Cowan partnered with Shes The First, a nonprofit organization that fights against gender inequality through education. In addition, he took the time to send a powerful message:

What I love about Powerpuff Girls is that they are not damsels in distress. They do not need to save. They save many people. They are not all cute and tender. Acorn is difficult and has a strong character, and the show is really inspired by that.

Paris Hilton paraded like a superheroine

Sugar, flowers and many colors were also the secret formula with which the socialite He paraded. Paris became Bubble, a character that was perfect, but that was not all: his faithful companion, the chihuahua puppy called Diamond Baby, went up with her to the stage to show that both are the perfect team.

Different celebrities gathered to enjoy the show

Heidi Klum sat in the front row next to Erika Jayne and a mini-restaurant of Bombón. Amanda Steele, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kim Petras were also there.

Designer Christian Cowan celebrates International Women’s Day with ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ collection (April 2021)