Pareja changes her wedding party for a trip around the world for 5 months

Every couple in love dreams of the day when they will say the famous Yes, I accept, thus achieving their happy end of story; however, this does not mean that the rule in all love stories is one that involves a white dress and a wedding cake.

Bernardo and Natalia are two Brazilians who, after their civil wedding, announced to the family that they do not prepare costumes or look for a gift table, as there would be no party for their wedding; instead, the newlyweds decided to travel to 21 destinations in South America, Europe and Asia.

Your honeymoon lasted 5 months

Bernardo, 29 and Natalia, 28, joined their lives after seven years of relationship, and although the circumstances of life, such as work and school made them separate for a while, the couple got, this 2017 , unite their lives legally.

Tired of postponing plans and dreams, the young couple discarded the idea of ​​a big wedding and set out to travel. For this, one of the two had to give up their work and although the first plan only included the idea of ​​traveling by car from north to south through their country, Brazil, the couple expanded their borders and decided that, once and for all, they would travel the world.

They arrived to Thailand, Vietnam and Portugal, among others

The newlyweds knew from the beginning how the experience would be, there would be no luxuries and with the only thing they would carry would be a backpack. So after getting married by the civilian, Bernardo and Natalia left Brazil to live a honeymoon that lasted five months and took them from South America, to Europe and Asia.

We were living together 24 hours a day for five months; We learned that every day should be a consensus. We made friends and met people who were traveling just like us, as a couple. We also learned to reduce our anxiety, we enjoyed every place, every city and country without worrying about our next destination.

They also visited Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands

Another thing we learned was to value our family and friends. When we are close we do not realize the true value of the people who love us. We are grateful, we met very simple people who were satisfied with their jobs and the life they had. Despite having so little, they always looked happy.

Would you change your wedding party for a trip like that?

The trip made us mature and be much closer. We arrived home after five months of collecting memories, photographs and diaries that kept our incredible experience for the world.