Pareja announces that they will never have children and their publication goes viral


There are many couples in the world who use their social network profiles to reveal their relatives, friends and acquaintances who are committed, who are going to marry or who will become parents. But Andres and Nathalie changed that habit.

The lovers used that space to announce that never they will become parents.

The main reason why we do not want to have children is because we want to contribute to the conservation of the planet that is so overpopulated, we do not want to bring another human to contaminate, he said. His publication surprised all his contacts, went viral and has been shared more than 37 thousand times.

Nathalie also used her Facebook account to give more detailed explanations of the decision they made and also to defend themselves and confront the people who attacked them: we have read the comments of several people who fail to understand our point of view, unfortunately there is still people who believe that the only way of life is to continue reproducing like rabbits and without thinking about the consequences.

However, the only certain thing is that each couple has the freedom to decide what they think best and bring happiness to their relationship.

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