Pamper your hands and shape your nails in just 5 minutes


In the world there are two types of girls: those who love false nails, and those who prefer natural nails.

However, both know that their hands are their best letter of presentation, so they like to keep them soft, clean and with their nails arranged for any occasion.

General tips

  • Long fingers: the square shape will give your hands a sophisticated effect.
  • Short fingers: an oval style will make your hands look more stylized.
  • Wide fingers: the round or oval shape is ideal to achieve a thinness effect.

Square nails

To get this shape you have to file the nails horizontally. You can also round the edges, this will prevent them from being pointy and breaking fast.

Round nails

Ideal for those who have to wear short nails. To achieve a round effect you will have to file each nail from end to end with a rounded movement, similar to a semicircle.

Oval nails

First you will have to let your nails grow at least an inch long. File the two ends of the nail straight and at the same height. To achieve an oval tip, smooth from one end to the other curved to achieve the desired effect.

Nail stiletto

You have to let them grow at least one to two centimeters. Softens from the corner to the tip pointedly.

Almond nails

Round the corners and form a pointed shape. Although this form of nails can look cute, it is more prone to breakage compared to the rest.

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