Outstanding student is expelled from her graduation party for wearing inappropriate blouse at school


Imagine that you are an outstanding student with several scholarships in your history, you are also finishing your studies and you have been looking for the perfect dress for the occasion for months; however, your dreams and the prom with your crush they are tormented by a outfit that you used in your school a few days ago.

It seems exaggerated, right? But it is precisely what Summer, a student at the Hickory Ridge Institute in Northern California, who recently got arrested just for wearing an inappropriate blouse, according to the director and the school dress code.

Summer went from being the exemplary student to the hated girl

Summer was sitting in the school cafeteria when the director approached and asked her to put on a coat; this was just the beginning of a very bad story.

I did not have a jacket, but a friend offered to lend me his, I zipped it up, but it was not enough for him.

All thanks to outfit incorrect

The girl has had a series of problems with the director of her school for four years. The tension between them has worsened so much that her mother had to ask the social worker to call her before taking any disciplinary action against her daughter.

I totally agree that there is a dress code, but I feel that after putting on that jacket everything should be over.

Maybe fashion is the real culprit

When the director asked her to change her clothes, Summer refused and suggested that they call her mother before any reprimand, unfortunately her mother did not answer the call. The director forced her friends to leave the place, leaving her, a policeman and the director himself.

The officer was only five steps away from me, he had his hand on his gun. Then the director told me: I'm going to give you an ultimatum, we've tried to call your mother and she does not answer. You have to come with me to the control room to change your inappropriate clothes or he will arrest you.

Or actually there are only those who abuse their authority

In the end Summer went to the control room of the school, where she was suspended from classes for ten days and was told not to attend any school activity, being out of her prom.

It's sad because I worked hard for four years to get to my graduation, at school there are guys who steal or belong to criminal gangs, they can attend. Maybe the problem is me, the excellent average student who by showing his deplorable shoulders has no right to attend his prom.

For now, the Internet has provided all its support

To make matters worse, the director is still considering expelling her from the institution. The mother of Summer, is very dismayed before such situation, like hundreds of students who have manifested through social networks, about the unworthy treatment that has received.

Now we just have to wait for a graduation miracle

The school system spokesperson declined to comment, citing the student's privacy and provided a copy of the school's dress code. The dress code is very long and specifically, prohibits students from wearing blouses with bare shoulders.

This is my life, I am on a list to study medicine and now everything seems to vanish.

Maybe your school has a dress code for certain reasons, but in the end the style defines the personality and nobody should forbid us to dress as we see fit.

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