Olivia Newton-John is diagnosed with cancer for the second time; and his fans show their support


Most of the girls recognize the famous artist Olivia Newton-John for her role as Sandy Olson in the film Grease (Vaseline), showing us how incredibly sensitive, tough and attractive a girl can become.

After the promotion of this film and several live shows ended, Olivia put aside the performance to dedicate herself fully to singing. Unfortunately, in 1992 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her life took a 360 degree turn, she went through a mastectomy, she became a vegetarian, she moved to Australia and she spent time reading self-help books, to heal her heart and soul.

Olivia fell in love with an entire generation

After overcoming breast cancer, Olivia spent more time with her family, especially with her sister Rona, who needed her.

My beautiful sister Rona sadly died on May 24 in Los Angeles, the next day we would celebrate her birthday. Rona died of a very aggressive brain tumor and fortunately did not suffer any pain.

But his life was not simple

He lost his sister and an illness almost took his life; Inspired by those adverse moments, the foundation opened Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Center, a place where people diagnosed with cancer are treated.

Neither fame nor money could save her from her fate

Despite the circumstances, she resumed her career, recorded disc after disc and made several tours. Regrettably, she has had to cancel her June presentations in the United States and Canada, because for the second time she has been diagnosed with breast cancer with a metastasis to the sacral bone, which further complicates her health when she learns that the disease is spread by your whole body through blood.

It has become a whole warrior

His team shared the message that confirmed the hard news, but also the strength and character of this warrior in the face of the situation.

Their fans they do not stop sending their best wishes

We are sure that she will win the battle again and in a short time she will return to the stages as only she knows how to do it.

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