Not only is she the niece of Princess Diana; Kitty Spencer is also identical to her


Princess Diana was one of the most famous members of royalty. He was born into a family with noble ancestors and married Prince Charles of England; her full name was Diana Frances Spencer and she was the fourth daughter of John Spencer, who in 1975 became the eighth Earl Spencer, viscount of Althorp and therefore, Diana received the title of lady.

Charles, Diana's younger brother, the ninth Earl Spencer, married ex-model Victoria Lockwood, with whom he procreated four beautiful children. The eldest daughter of this marriage, Lady Eleonor Kitty Spencer, stayed out of the public eye for a long time, until she attended college in Cape Town, South Africa. Recently Lady Kitty has received a lot of attention, and it is impossible to overlook her resemblance to her deceased aunt, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana has a niece identical to her, her name is Kitty Spencer

Kitty is 26 years old, blonde, has strong facial features and impressive blue eyes, so it is impossible not to notice the similarities between her and the Princess of Wales. Even people around the world have suggested that Kitty looks like Diana's lost twin.

Because Kitty was only seven years old when her aunt passed away, she does not have many memories of her, but the things she remembers are very positive.

They not only share a physical resemblance

The mother of William and Harry was known for her charitable actions, but also for her cheerful and optimistic personality, she always had a beautiful smile on her face; it was simply someone with whom people could identify even if they belonged to the royal family.

And now Kitty Spencer has taken on a role very similar to that of her aunt: she spends a lot of time doing work for social benefit, she is an ambassador of Centrepoint, an organization that helps the homeless.

At the University of Cape Town, Kitty studied psychology, politics and English literature, and in London, a master's degree in luxury brand management.

Kitty also has an excellent taste to dress

Kitty likes fashion, she is a model, although she says that what she really loves about that job is that it allows her to travel to different countries and meet new people. In an interview for the magazine Vanity Fair, spoke about their tastes:

I am aware that modeling is going to take me to new places, I can disguise myself and wear beautiful clothes, it's like living in a fairy tale.

One of her first public appearances was in 2007 with her cousins ​​William and Harry, whom she accompanied during the ceremony of the tenth anniversary of the death of Diana of Wales. That same year, the magazine Tatler, of which it has been the cover image on several occasions, named Kitty as: one of the most coveted girls in Great Britain.

What do you think, do they really look alike?

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