NOT having children could be the best way to help the planet: study


If you want to help save the planet from climate change it is not enough to recycle, modify your diet or your thoughts now you must make an important decision: have children or not. We must be aware that this is not a good time to feel hopeful and dream of a promising future. Climate change is not a theory but something tangible, and governments and the population are slow to act.

However, some scientists found the definitive solution to stop the destruction of the planet: not having children, since they discovered that this reduces the generation of garbage and other chemicals.

After recognizing that we are losing the battle against this problem, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a scientific report in which it ensures that contamination can be stopped:

Global carbon pollution should be reduced by half by 2030 and then by zero by 2050, to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, which include drowned coastal cities, the worsening of storms and the disappearance of coral reefs.

But a controversial investigation affirmed: not having children It is the best we could do for the planet.

The study by Seth Wynes and Kimberly Nicholas, published in the magazine Environmental Research Letters, affirms that not to generate would reduce the production of carbon of the planet.

According to specialists, not having children decreases carbon dioxide by almost 57 tons per year, much more than if 650 adolescents committed themselves to recycling for the rest of their lives.

The research also emphasizes avoiding car use, adopting a vegetarian diet and reducing the amount of contaminants.

Saving the planet by not have any kids - BBC Stories (January 2022)