Noah Centineo could play He-Man; we did not expect this


Noah Centineo is known for being the most romantic boy of the moment, and all because of the roles he has played in movies like SPF-18, Swipes, To all the guys I fell in love with Y Sierra Burgess is a loser. But although his fans love him, many have wondered: when will Noah make the leap to the big leagues and put aside his cheesy style? Well to the surprise of many, this question could be resolved.

In accordance with The Wrap, Sony is already in negotiations with the actor to transform it into the new He-Man and give him the lead in the reboot of The masters of the universe. For this you will have to dye your blonde hair and increase your musculature, something that we will surely love to see.

In 1982 Mattel launched a line of action figures called The masters of the universe, that were inspiration for an animated series, comics and even a movie live action starring Dolph Lundgren (1987). In the film, He-Man confronts the evil Skeletor and his army to protect Grayskull Castle.

The remake of The masters of the universe he has several years in preproduction, even changes in his script have been known; brothers Aaron and Adam Nee are the final keepers of reviving the classic.

The new film adaptation will begin shooting in July of this year, with the hope of being released in 2020, but we will have to wait to see if Noah is the key player that Sony is looking for.

He-Man Movie Casts Noah Centineo As Title Character (April 2021)