No one ASSISTED to the birthday party of a little boy with autism, so his mom asked. help on Facebook


Glenn Buratti is a 6 year old boy originally from Florida. He suffers from mild autism and epilepsy. In February, her mom organized a birthday party and invited 16 children from her class. Sadly, nobody showed up. Angry and disappointed, Ashley Buratti decided to post a comment on a local facebook group:

I know that venting about something may be silly, but my heart has been broken by my son. We invite your entire class for your sixth birthday party. Not a single boy came.

After making the publication, 15 children from the area and their parents appeared, but not only them

Firefighters and community police began arriving at the house with gifts!

The team from the county sheriff's office and the fire department made Glenn have one of the best days of his life, treating him like a superstar.

The father of the child later wrote in his facebook account:

I'm sure the neighbors peeked out from their windows. It was amazing what the local police and firemen did for us.

The sheriff's office even blew up a helicopter low enough for the pilot to be able to greet Glenn.

Sometimes when you ask for help through the internet, you get it!

Police celebrate boy’s birthday after no one RSVPs to party (January 2021)