Nike thinks big; includes extra size mannequins


To deal fully with the concepts of inclusion Y diversity, Nike, the famous brand whose origins go back to the 50s in Oregon, United States, placed in one of its largest stores in London a showcase with extra-sized mannequins and announced that it will also present its line dedicated to athletes with disabilities.

Different types of bodies are represented in this exhibition, the first that the brand places in one of its commercial spaces.

Through a press release, the Nike Public Relations Office reported that their style of honoring athletes through visual content in their dressers will be expanded from now on, to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of the sport.

So far, these products occupy a full floor in the largest brand store in the world: NikeTown, but it is expected that soon its presence will be widespread.

The new commitment of Nike could encourage millions of women who are overweight to lead a healthier life. According to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity has almost tripled in the last 40 years and already exceeds 1.8 billion overweight adults; of them, around 650 million are obese.

Hence, more and more, women of all sizes try to incorporate themselves into healthy diets, limit the consumption of fats and sugars and perform physical activities on a regular basis; But the stereotype of women as an attraction for shopping, generally used in advertising, has prevented the normalization of seeing women of large sizes in gyms with fashionable sportswear.

Now, with this Nike initiative, which will surely be imitated by other sports brands, it is possible that curvy, or plus size girls, feel more comfortable doing sports activities regularly.

Chatty GRWM | Depression, Anxiety, Nike Plus-Size Mannequins, and Weight Fluctuations (April 2021)