Nigerian girl makes handbags and shoes; his talent helps him overcome economic crisis


The economic situation in Nigeria has caused an alarming rate of unemployment and thousands of people are looking for new ways to maintain a stable financial state. One example is the young Precious Olayide, who became news after she sought a more prosperous path through the manufacture of clothing.

Olayide graduated from the Achievers University Owo, in the state of Ondo, and since then she has been busy with her own line of handbags and shoes. Know the style and courage of a girl who can not win anything when it comes to shaping her future.

Meet Precious Olayide

She recently graduated from university and has a talent for design.

Why not make money doing what you love the most?

For Olayide this was the easiest way to overcome the difficult economic situation he was in.

Each of its pieces is personalized

The details are incredible.

Makes bags, sandals, heels and even slippers

Everything with a lot of style and glamor that only a visionary girl and ready to conquer the world could have.

She sells her products through her Facebook account

Thanks to this he has managed to create a niche market that is increasing; It even sends home products.

Precious is the proof that it is necessary to dress for success

Because no dream is too big.

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