Nickelodeon launches collectible figures of SpongeBob memes; you will cry with laughter


It's been 20 years since the iconic animated series sponge Bob it began to be broadcast. During all that time, hundreds of generations kept the attention in this surreal but funny story. SpongeBob today is not only a caricature for children, the character has become an icon in popular culture, so much so that now he is king in the world of memes.

Nickelodeon took this opportunity and launched the line of six collectible figures inspired by internet memes. All are available in the Amazon online store. You will die laughing with how fun they are.

Are you ready, guys?

These toys will be the charm of collectors from all over the world; They are perfect for the Market of Gangas, of Bottom of Bikini.

Careful, Squidward! Do not spoil your beautiful face

Everything is possible, with imagination!

I could not miss Sponge Gar

We're just as surprised as Patrick!

What did you say, Bob?

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